Premium White Glove Residential Lawn Maintenance Package

The Premium White Glove Service package includes all the service items listed below.  Please call 713-960-9366 to speak with a Special Touch Agent today to discuss our Premium White Glove Service pricing for your home!


Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance

  • 52 scheduled service calendar visits per year.
  • Each visit, all turf areas will be mowed and trimmed and all concrete walkways / driveways will be blown free of debris.
  • All weeds will be removed from beds each visit.
  • Herbicide will be applied each month where necessary on all concrete surfaces for weed control.
  • All shrubs will be trimmed as needed in accordance with standard landscape practices.
  • Beds and mulch will be turned quarterly.
  • Will use 21-30 inch small mower on front yard. 


  • All shrubs & trees will be fertilized twice yearly with a slow release organic fertilizer.
  • All grass areas will be fertilized three times per year. In March and July, a 3-1-2 ratio slow release organic fertilizer will be applied. In October, fertilization with pre-emergent will be applied.

Insect/Disease control

  • Ant mounds will be dusted once monthly.
  • Spot treat fungus/bugs in flower beds and turf areas.
  • Lay preventive fungus control for turf and all flower beds once per year to help fight fungus throughout the year.  

Annual Flowers, Mulching, Aerating Turf, and Over Seeding

  • Hardwood brown mulch will be installed in all open beds and tree wells in the front and backyard at no additional cost twice yearly.
  • Annual flower changes will be done in March and November. Flowers include: Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum, Pansies, Begonias, and Pentas. All flowers are subject to seasonal availability.
  • Premium rye grass will be applied to the front yard turf areas during winter season to maintain beautiful green lawn during the dormant season.
  • Aerate turf areas in front & back yard once a year in February.

 Pruning of Crepe Myrtles

  • All crepe myrtles will be pruned in February. Large crepe myrtles over 12’ will be left to grow naturally. 

Sprinkler Maintenance & Landscape Lights Inspection

  • System will be checked and maintained quarterly to ensure proper watering throughout the year.
  • All landscape lights will be inspected quarterly to ensure they are working properly. Inspection will include making sure lights are free of debris, working, and positioned properly on the property.

Please call to speak with a Special Touch Agent today at 713-960-9366 to discuss our Premium White Glove Service pricing for your home!